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Missing out

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Hi Friends!  It has been a while since we have talked.  We just got Internet in our flat yesterday, so we are excited and hopefully I can blog a little more regularly.  We are officially legal in Moldova now.  We received our residency decision a few days ago.  Something REALLY beautiful happened as we were leaving the Residency office (and all of its craziness) -as we were walking down the bustling streets of Chisinau we heard familiar music...when we slowed down to hear was Hillsong's Oceans playing on the outside speaker of a cellphone store!  You can read more about God using that song in our lives on a regular basis here.  He just poured that music into the speakers and into our hearts.  It was such a lovely feeling of peace and assurance that washed over us.  Brian and I both laughed as our group walked ahead of us....we got a little teary eyed that God let us hear it and used it yet again to confirm our journey here.

So anyway,Yeah for RESIDENCY!  We will have to reapply in July, but we have that first one under our belt!  We have had some pretty busy and amazing weeks.  (Tomorrow is our official two month anniversary here and Moldova is definitely home).  We are learning the sporadic public transportation here.  We are learning the language (Brian is the teacher's pet in our class-seriously-she calls on him all the time and says Bravo Brian!  Super Brian!)  Anywho, our days are filled with a variety of things and time is passing by so fast.  Today we had an amazing mission service at our church (which is lead by our girls and guys).  It was such an encouraging message and it just spoke to my heart.  Afterwards, we did our usual visiting and Brian did some math tutoring.  Sundays are fun.  We were invited by some of our boys to tag along to an "adventure park" -i think it is like an old soviet amusement park with a Ferris wheel, carousel and maybe go carts.  Anyway, we had a lot to do for supporters at home, planning our English classes for the week, studying Romanian, and watching our church back home online:)  So-we decided to stay at home.  I'm not going to lie, I felt like I was missing out.  When I saw the group laughing and smiling at the bus stop, I felt like I was missing out...and I longed to go with change my plans.  But, I didn't and I am so thankful that I didn't go.
   Halfway through watching our church service online, we had a knock at our door.  It was one of our sweet girls.  After about ten minutes, another one of our girls came to visit.  The work we had been doing, and the sermon all took the backseat to time with these girls.  Because our preacher was speaking on John 13:34 today and loving one another....we decided to love the ones who were right in front of us.  We had a lovely visit and one of the girls stayed for quite some time.  We could tell she wanted to talk but was struggling to decide if she would talk or not.  She eventually shared her heart about things that are challenging here right now.  We spent time just listening and looking at scripture....and just reminding this sweet, beautiful, and amazing young woman how much we love her and how much Our God adores her....and that she has done NOTHING to earn that love....and that is OK:)  Brian and I held this girl's hands and we cried out to God on her behalf.  Then we wrapped our arms around this girl and reminded her of all the love she has in her life.  As she closed the door to walk back to her room, I thanked God for not letting me "miss out" on being a part of this girl's life....for not letting me "miss out" on being an ear to listen and arms to hold.  Nights like tonight leave Brian saying..."that is what it is all about"  Impromptu prayer times with the girls are the treasures we store up in our hearts.  So thankful we didn't miss out on the journey here.

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Long time, no see devoted friends and readers!  Brian and I have been in Moldova for over six weeks.  The time has flown by.  Our days and nights are full and so are our hearts.   Once our girls and guys returned from Camp, we hit the ground running preparing for the new school year.  Here is a quick update-  I had the opportunity to take some of our new girls shopping at the piata (which is kind of like a tent shopping center with various wares and goods).  Brian and I had the opportunity to attend a Moldovan wedding.  It was an amazingly beautiful ceremony and the food was spectacular.  The food in Moldova is generally delicious to us.  We celebrated Brian's birthday.  I think it may have been one of his best birthday's yet.  If you follow us on Facebook, you already know his favorite part of his day was spending prayer time with some of the girls and guys.  We stepped outside a busy restaurant in to the cool, dark and busy streets of Chisinau and we held hands and we prayed in two languages.  God was there in the warmth of our hands as we prayed and the cool breeze on our cheeks and the sounds of the city that seemed to lean in towards us and want to know more.  It was a really beautiful experience. 
Two nights ago, we moved in to our new flat.  It has a kitchen and a room that doubles as bedroom and living room and it has its own bathroom.  It is lovely.  It has the best view of all of our ministry houses here.  Like I have said before, God has ordained every single step of us getting here.  Especially this lovely home.  It is an over the garage apartment and there is a lovely garden full of roses and gerbera daisies and honeysuckle.  It is just amazing.  At night, we sleep with the windows open and the breeze (which is now cool) laced with the smell of flowers is blowing settles our minds and our hearts.  God is good all the time and all the time God is good.
Yes, there are trying times and frustrating moments, working with people is never easy because we are all flawed.  But, in the trying times, He whispers to me in the sparkle in the girl's eyes and in the beautiful ringing sound of their laughter and always with the breeze (whether it is laced with flowers or burning trash:) ).  Ha!!

My prayer for Team Jones is that God keeps our eyes open to the opportunities to show His love-whether it be here in Stella's House or out in the country.