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Mom moment

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Dear ones....I am so sorry that my blog posts are so infrequent.  But, I know that you all will forgive me (and by you all, I mean my mom, Courtney, and Mandy---love yall!).  Anyhow...some days there are soo many feelings I want to share with you.  Some days the feelings feel so big that no words could ever capture them....and some days they feel so special and personal that I am not sure I could share.  But, let me tell you this....God is in every feeling I have here.  When I feel sad, He comforts me.  When I feel scared, He holds me.  When I feel hopeful and excited, He is cheering with me. God is good.  He is so good.  Let me tell you about something I have been feeling lately....and how God multiplied it and made it beautiful:)

You all know we live in a house with 16 girls...ok...its 18, now.  Our home is full to the brim of every kind of emotion you can imagine.  It is a loud and proud house.  (I fit right in).  Anyhow, teenage girls like to eat.  In case you didn't know this-They do.  They like to diet for a day---then, eat everything in the house.  Its real.  Lately, I feel like every time I am outside of the house one of them is calling me and asking for ice cream, or chips, or milk, or cookies, or something sweet.  I haven't thought much of it.  Last night, Brian and I took some guests to the mall.  While we were there, two or three of our girls called and wanted to know where we were, how long we would be gone, when we would be home, AND if we could bring them some food home.  For a split second, I thought-Goodness gracious-I feel like every time I leave the house someone is calling and wanting me to pick up this or get that or find food.  I felt flustered for all of two seconds.  Then, God (in all of His infinite wisdom) whispered to my heart....Kathryn, this is a Mom's life.   And y'all.  It broke me.  I felt sooooo incredibly full of His grace and Mercy....I felt so humbled and honored that He would let me have some tiny little role in the lives of 18 or so of the most amazing human beings who ever walked this planet.
 I know I am not their mother....but He is letting me love them and serve them like a mother....and for that....for that and all of its endless tasks and demands....I am so grateful.  I may have cried a bit in the Fourchette.  Last night, when Brian and I finally returned home after several hours away, we were met with smiles so big and hugs so massive--That had nothing to do with the goodies we had in our bags.  Last night, I felt like I could not get home quick enough to lay eyes on our dear little family.  I felt like I just needed to see them and be with them....and here their melodious and loud hear about their hear their see their eyes light up.  There is nothing sweeter than stepping out for a moment and then stepping back in to a home where I know love lives.  Our house is not perfect and we have such a long way to go in this role as House Parents.  But, y'all....I love it.  God made us for this.  For however long this part of our journey lasts...I want to savor every feeling God gives me....even if they make me cry in the middle of Moldovan grocery stores.  I love this role He has for me.  Please pray that I can live every moment in full awareness of the goodness of His plan...that I never tire of the joy and struggle that is loving these 18 girls.  Thank you Jesus for picking us!

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