Secret Agents and Vacation Bible School

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Greetings Agents- Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to read this blog about the COOL things that happened to us this week:)

We were invited to share with TWO special churches this week and I want to share the experience with you.  I am "spying it up" a bit to match the Lifeway VBS theme they were both using:)

Monday-1800 hours.
Destination-Heritage Baptist Church Prattville, Alabama
Code Name- Penny Wars
I was invited by my awesome friend(and coworker from Prattville Kindergarten), Tammy Horton, to share with her church's VBS crew.  She has rallied behind us and has encouraged her church to support us prayerfully and financially.  As part of their VBS time, the children took up an offering called "penny wars".  It was a competition between the boys and girls to see which team could accumulate the most weight in currency (coins weigh more).  On night two when I spoke they already had a total of almost twenty pounds in currency.  AMAZING.  I got to worship and share with the AWESOME and ON FIRE kids who were learning about how to be an agent of the One True God!!  Their worship service was amazing and their skit was priceless...seriously-Lifeway should hire the two guys that did it to write their was hilarious-but I digress.  I got to share a little bit about our mission with the kids...and teach them a little Romanian (the national language of Moldova).  I reminded them that as Agents of God...they needed to be able to share HIS love and remind others that God loves them NO MATTER WHAT.  To hear 75 kids shout DUMNEZEU TE IUBESTE (God Loves You) was awesome!!!   I felt so welcomed and loved by this sweet church.  Thursday night, my friend Tammy called and shared the total with was amazing that they raised such a HUGE amount in coins! The special agents at the church shared so generously and helped pave the way for us to make it to Moldova.   Thanks Heritage Baptist Church!!!
Here are some pics from their "penny wars".
Boys bringing change and filling up the bucket for Team Jones in Moldova!!
The Girls are winning!!!!

Friday-10hundred hours
Destination: Santuck Baptist Church, Santuck, Alabama
Code Name: Pie Face
This Friday, Brian's parents' church invited us to share at their VBS end of the week ceremony.  Their mission spotlight for their VBS offering was none other than TEAM JONES IN MOLDOVA:)  Apparently, all week long during their worship gatherings they shared our names, our mission, and pictures of us with the kids attending their spy themed VBS.  I got to worship with them to the awesome spy themed music.  It was such an energizing time of worship and praise with the kids.  Halfway through the service, the children's director, Mrs. Amy invited me on stage.  But before she did, she asked all two hundred children what their mission for the week was....Oh my was soo cool to hear them shout MOLDOVA ( a country that I personally did not know existed until six years ago)!  Then she asked, who are we praying for and raising money for?  They all shouted BRIAN AND KATHRYN JONES!!!  It was so neat.  Not one of those kids had ever met me, but they knew my name and they were praying for us.  That is so incredibly humbling.  I got up and shared a little bit about our calling and taught them a little Romanian as well and thanked them for their generosity and for praying for us.  Then Mrs. Amy shared their grand total of the week.  It was dumbfounding how much this VBS crew gave to help us get on our way to serving and loving in Moldova.

Side Note-Because they reached their monetary goal for the week all of the ministers got pies in their faces!!

SUNDAY- 1900 hours
Destination: Home
Code Name:  Grateful

We are sitting here tonight....with hearts so full of gratitude for these two churches....and for the friends and family we have who are stepping up and saying....Hey, God...I want to help these two follow the dream that you placed on their hearts....That's humbling people.  Its no secret- We love Jesus...and we love the people He has placed in our lives.

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  1. What a wonderful post. I love stories of VBS and I love the story you guys have to share. I am delighted you got to spend time sharing your message. Who knows one of those sweet babies may grow up to take your place. I love you both.