Strangers and Smiles

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Hello dear readers.  This morning before our Romanian class, we had our usual before class breakfast with our friend and fellow missionary, Lauren.  Yesterday I had purchased what looked like pre-made pancakes....this morning I learned they were a sneaky substitute version filled with jam that tasted like medicine.  It was a wee bit disappointing.  But we still had our bacon that we had saved up for, so all was well.  On the way to class we took our usual walk up the hill to wait for our bus to the city.  This morning was cold for this southern girl.  It was a brisk 23 degrees Farenheit.  Brian and I felt so thankful for the amazing coats that we bought on sale at Kohls in the spring of 2013. (You know they have good sales at Kohls).   We only had on one of the layers of our jacket "systems" and they kept us so warm.  But, it was still quite cold and windy.  The ground was frozen when we left so yesterday's mud did not stick to our feet.  It was an invigorating walk to the bus. 

Today we had our first real test in our Romanian class and I think we aced it (well...Brian aced it and I did well). Afterwards, we stopped for a snack and then headed home.  While walking through the city (just FYI-when I say the city I am always referring to Chisinau, not our town where we live)....anywho.  While we were walking through the city, we were stopped by two strangers who wanted to say hello and speak to us in English.  It was so refreshing to be greeted with a smile and for someone to want to actually interact with us and not gawk at us.  (We get a LOT of rubber necking here-people are always staring or doing double and triple takes at us).    This young woman and young man stopped and spoke to us for a very long time.  Then, after we got on our bus, we were chit chatting and being silly at the back of the bus and a young man began speaking with us in English.  We talked and visited with him for two bus rides.  He is an aspiring writer, like our friend Lauren and he knows several Peace Corps volunteers that are from America that live in our town.  We hope to connect with them through him.  He was just lovely and we thanked him for taking the time to be kind and speak to us and we told him how much that meant to us.   He said he knew that Americans like to smile and greet each other.  (I like that stereotype A LOT).  I hope that we are able to invite him to our church in the near future. 

While it is cold here, God always sends moments that warm our hearts....through unexpected encounters with strangers....hugs from our girls.....and the first snow of the season (there were snow flurries last night- YIPEEE!!!).  God is good all the time.  Love y'all!

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  1. Sorry to hear about the pancakes. I know that was disappointing. Sounds like the day in the city was a memorable one. Thank you for the blogs. Love to you both, Momma