Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Friday morning we all woke up and shared our devotional time.  Chris McInnish did a great job leading us in our devotions that week.  We then hopped in the van and headed for Providence for what we thought could be our last day there.  We were excited to see the kids....and sad that this could be our last time with them....
   We began our day by giving them actual copies of some of the photographs we had taken of them throughout the week.  We even gave them copies of some of the pictures they had taken (remember they took like 200 of the sky and trees in one day).  They were all SO excited to have actual pictures of themselves in their KEEP.  You should have seen the pride and joy on their faces.  After we gave them the pictures, we began making picture frames.  Having something that belongs to you...that is uniquely can change your life...Our plan was to let them choose one picture to frame...well we had SOOO many extra frames (we got 300 frame kits for $12 from Oriental trading...crazy, huh?) we decided to let them make more...and that they did...check it out....Do you see the rest of Maxim's pile o' pics to the left?  They each ended up making AT LEAST 4 (some made MANY more)

   We did SOOO many crafts with the kids that day...I will tell you all about the rest of the day another time...for now...I just want to share some of my favorite shots that the kids took of themselves, the sky, or each other...I think you will love them too...don't worry I won't share all 500 total!

Isn't this postcard or magazine ready?  Maxim and Vadim really have an eye...and that Moldovan sky is GORGEOUS!

Maxim took this picture of his brother, Vadim, from the window on the third floor or the building...don't you love the perspective in this shot?  Wow...he's sooo talented!

I love love LOVE this one!  Maxim's self -shot...he actually had several of these that included his entire face...but for some reason I love this one the most! 

Maxim and Luida walked around the orphanage photographing...he posed her in the precious is this?

Maxim photographing his brother Vadim:)

No...Luida is not upset with Patrick...its just a sour straw...which she LOVED!  Maxim took this picture too...he and Vadim LOVED the camera!

I just love this one...because...well...Brian looks so cute in it:)

Valentina and Vica REALLY loved Mrs. Heather's nice camera...I believe this picture was taken right before they dropped it:)  But good camera take a licking and keep on ticking!  Valentina is a serious photographer:)

My all time favorite photo.  To me this self-portrait captures her innocence and beauty...and her personality all in one.  I think this picture could be entered in contests and win...maybe its because I met this darling child and got to know her...and her life story....and the hope that she now has...I don't know...but I love this picture. 
   I am glad I blogged about this today...reminded me that back in June I decided that I would get a camera for Maxim and Vadim for Christmas!  I must go do that might not make it in time...but I KNOW they will love it!

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  1. Love it. The photos are precious and I am learning that through the eye of the lens is a great way to view stuff. Love you.