Time and Punishment at Thanksgiving

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

That's right friends....I deserve punishment for the time I have spent away from you all....Its been almost TWO months since my last post.  I will do better!  I promise!  Right now...you ALL need to say a prayer for me...pray that I will have tenacity and make time to blog.   I REALLY want to share my story...I just don't do so hot with time management.  I have sooo much to tell you about life and Moldova!
      Christmas is my favorite time of the year...and I wish I could spend it with the kids in Moldova....maybe someday:)   Shout out to my mother -in - law (the GREATEST Mother in LAW ever!!!) she responded to my previous post and helped sponsor shoe boxes for Moldova!!!  You can still help out this Christmas season...its the perfect gift for someone who has everything...www.stellasvoice.org.
 OK...let me get you up to speed with things...you may need to go back and refresh yourself...I will give you the Cliff Notes of our Moldova story so far...but first let me share some other things. 
 In the last two months I have:
*  BEEN LOVING my job.  Really I have the most amazing students and parents and coworkers ever!  I am so blessed.
* Got to help PCM with their Christmas Project for Moldova.  I should have photographed our house....It was FULL of all the AMAZING donations of Christmas Gifts my friends provided.  Have I mentioned that I have the most awesome and giving friends?  We were able to sponsor 15 girls from Stella's House for Christmas...and my friends are good present buyers:)  I would like to give a little shout out to 3 special friends- Karen Vance, Savannah and Chris Bowden...They showed up and showed out...without being asked, these 3 came and helped Brian and I catalog and wrap all the gifts...it was a big job...and they brought love and laughter to it!  Also-my school nurse, Tracy Phillips wrapped 18 paper ream boxes by herself!!!!.  Who needs Santa's elves when you have friends like mine?  I mean REALLY!
*Have been praying about God's calling in our lives with some amazing friends.
*  Attended Bruce Wilkinson's "You Were Born for This" Conference...If you haven't read it...you should...life changing stuff:)
*Had a wonderful Thanksgiving Break with Brian and our chosen family (dear friends) and our extended family (who I think I would chose to by mine any way...they are pretty great)....I have sooo much to be thankful for this year!
* Felt full of love for Moldova...wanted to be there....missed the kids there....and began planning our mission trip there this summer!!!!!

OK-Cliff Notes of Moldova (Feel free to go back and read my previous posts...they are much more informative than this).  In June 2011, Brian and I went to Moldova to work with Philip Cameron Ministries.  We were blessed with the opportunity to serve at both Stella's House and Providence Orphanage.  Working with those kids was life changing and life affirming all at the same time...we know God is going to use Moldova in a big way in our life story.  The kids of Moldova are always in my dreams and in my heart.  My very last post that was on topic about our trip was about our next to last day at the orphanage.  We all began to sense that our time with the kids there would end...and none of us wanted it to...we left with heavy hearts that day.....now read the next post for more of the story:)

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  1. I was so glad when I saw you had returned. I miss hearing the Moldova stories. I will be delighted to get more....soon! I love you!