Monday, August 29, 2011

Oh Friends...if I were Catholic I would go to confession for this!  Forgive me, for it has been 20 days since my last BLOG and you guys NEED to hear all of this!  I NEED to tell it....Let me catch you up on life real quick like...OK?

In the last 20 days I:

  • Moved classrooms twice (with help from some sweet teenage friends)
  • Got offered a job at my old school and accepted it
  • Started School at my new place of employment :)  YEAH!
  • Got 12 precious new students with disabilities to work with this year!
  • Painted my living room and foyer in my house
  • Went to a Women of Faith Event with my momma and met up with Nycole (she's in some of the pics on here)
  • Saw the Stella's Voice girls at Evangel Temple and they just BLESSED my heart!!!!!  Please watch their video online!!!!!  They were in Huntsville this weekend at The Rock the video of that service here
  • Felt CONVICTED to keep blogging about Moldova!  (I was also convicted by my friends and family too- THANKS COURTNEY and MRS. CONNIE)
  • Celebrated my PRECIOUS husband's 33rd birthday...he is getting OLD:)

So now...I have retrieved my journal from the trip...and opened it up to the end of day 2...Remember I kind of finished that day?  Today's post will just be a quick hodge podge kind of story

Did I tell you that there are a LOT of horse and buggies still in use in Moldova?  Especially in the villages.  On the second day, we decided to take a little walking tour of Sarata Noa, the village where we were staying.  We took our new friend, Peter with us.    Here are a few pictures:
Vineyard in the Village

The fellas talking and discussing various crops in the village

Wagon full of hay...that was all chopped and loaded by hand

Horse and Buggy
This fella in the wagon here stopped to talk to us during our walk.  I had learned a teensy bit more Romanian than everyone else I spoke to him and said "hi!" and I told him my name...I'm such a show off some times.   He continued talking to me.  I told him "Nu vorbesc Romaneste"  That means....I don't SPEAK Romanian.  He then asked if I spoke Moldovan...which happens to also be Romanian....I told him "nu"  He kept on conversing with I thought...hmm...he thinks I just don't speak it....maybe I should tell him I don't understand it I then told him "Nu intelleg Romaneste"  That means I don't UNDERSTAND Romanian...well bless his heart if he didn't just keep on talking to know what?...I think he just needed someone to shoot the breeze with and I was a willing listener...and I wasn't going to disagree with him...because he knew good and well I couldn't speak it or understand it.  He just needed someone with ears to hear.

When we got back to the house...our delicious dinner was ready (thanks to Mia and Nycole).  That was the night we shared such good fellowship with everyone.  We visited with the girls...ate the yummy Manka (the cream of wheat like dish) played Trivial Pursuit (and my team DOMINATED)...and that was the first night I heard about regular cards...gosh I really can't wait to tell you about regular cards!!! 

This was a silly little story for you...tomorrow's blog topic will be the Bread of Purpose...because God really has a purpose for The two of us and Moldova is a part of it somehow....Come back tomorrow!
My apologies for the absence!!!!

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