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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hello again friends!  Just as I has gotten the best of me...the "real world" is taking my time and I am not listening to God calling me to share my heart with you.  I may not post every day friends...but I WILL be posting every check back! 
      I want to officially wrap up Day 2 (remember this is day 2 at the orphanage). 
After leaving Cupcui...Maxim's words haunted my heart...Tomorrow?  Would I return tomorrow.  He followed us down the drive way waving goodbye to us...and smiling...because we told him we would return... My heart said that I wanted to return every day that I possibly could.
      We were a bit of a solemn group after our departure from Cupcui that wasn't our last day...but we new a last day would come.  We were all silly songs were sung that day...we were tired physically and emotionally...and spiritually.  I again pleaded with God in my reveal His will for me.  Why had he burdened my heart for Moldova?  Why couldn't I get it out of my head?  Why did He bring me here?  What was His purpose in all of this?  What did I have to give to these kids?  I am No One Special...I am just an Ordinary girl.  I wish I could tell you that God immediately answered all of the questions in my heart....but He didn't answer them all...but he continues to reveal Himself to me...

He answered one of those questions back at the house that night as we shared dinner with our Scottish friends and some of the girls from Stella's House (Galina made us some yummy manka...its like a sweet cream of wheat dish...YUMMO!)
The village house is NOT a big having the 8 of us who were staying the 5 who came to join us for dinner.......well...lets just say it was a TIGHT fit.  After we ate our delicious meal...Elizabeth and I sat in the front hallway with one of the girls and looked through some of the treats we had brought.  We had some makeup for the girls at Stella's House and this particular girl had some amazing eye makeup talents...Elizabeth and I just sat and visited with her....and asked her about her story. 

She, like Galina, had lived at Cupcui....Philip Cameron's presence there changed her life.
 Let me tell you her story...Its a heartbreaking story.  Pray for her as you read this...she was raised with an alcoholic father.  He beat her mother often.   Her home was void of love.  One day she witnessed her father beat her mother to death.  This poor child witnessed the murder of her mother.  After seeing the conditions in her home, the mayor of the town said that she must be put in the orphanage at Cupcui.  She lived there for a little while...and then through changes in laws and authorities...she ended up in the home of her aunt.  Her life there was not much different from her life in the orphanage.  Her aunt only wanted her to help around the house.  She was brought in to the house strictly for her potential to serve the family...not out of love.  She did not welcome her in to her home.  Her uncle's treatment was even worse.  Eventually her aunt became concerned that the Uncle would rape her.  So she sent her back to the orphanage at Cupcui.  The orphanage was a cold and sad place before PCM came in.  At  Cupcui, she cried alone in her bed every night...wondering why no one loved her.  She was still just a child. 
Then one Christmas when she was 11, a cheerful American (with a Scottish accent), came into her life...and changed it forever...Let me tell you what she told me...He came and brought Christmas gifts to the kids.  They had been performing a Christmas Play and this stranger clapped and cheered and asked them to do it again.  The kids were all so excited.  Then he stayed and visited with them...what she remembers MOST from that that it was when she received her FIRST hug.  This poor girl was 11 years old and had never been hugged.  Can you imagine that?  I can't go a DAY without a hug.   That hug changed her life forever.  The Camerons have become family for her.  They took her in to Stellas House...She speaks AMAZING English AND she hopes to come to Auburn University this fall!  She is a beautiful and intelligent young girl.  Even bigger than that...they taught her about Jesus and she just LOVES HIM!!!  How amazing is that?  God can do so many things through us when we heed His call on our lives. 

Her story kind of got me thinking about the blessings of my life...and how God is going to use who I am to change this world.  A lot of times I feel like God first needs to CHANGE who I am before I can make any difference.  I am great at telling God all the things he needs to fix in me...I tell Him..God I'm not smart enough...I'm too goofy...I'm not well spoken...and get this I even tell God I am not pretty enough...I mean really...who uses THAT as an excuse?  When has God ever mentioned calling the beautiful?  I don't know.  But this girl's story made me think....You know what?  God made me a little different...He made me quirky...He made me compassionate...He made me want to hug every single person I ever it weird?  Perhaps!  But HE made me that way and HE is going to use me just the way I am.  Isn't that refreshing? You don't have to be anybody but yourself for God to use you!
You know what I made SURE to do the next day at CUPCUI?  I hugged every single one of those kids all day long! (Don't worry I had already hugged them the days before too...but I did it with renewed zeal!) I didn't worry if they thought it was weird or strange....I just did it! And you know what?  They hugged me back! 

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  1. You give the best hugs. I love you so much munchkin and am so proud of you and B.