Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I had lunch with a precious friend of mine today...and I got to tell her the WHOLE story of Moldova.  I am so thankful that my friends continue to give me opportunities to pour my heart out about this country.  Who knows how God is going to use us?  I cannot WAIT to see how HIS plan unfolds!

Day 2  Continued (Yes...I am That slow to wrap up each day!)

It was such a great day...remember we made visors, stained glass, and slap bracelets with the kids...and we learned BELT.  During our afternoon art extravaganza, we let the kids go to the "treasure box" it was full of all the random toys and treats that we had.  They each get to pick 2-3 items from the box.  They LOVED it.  Several of the boys chose kazoos and couldn't quite figure them out...and when they did...we all wished they hadn't :)  We also had hair bow time with the girls...we had collected various hair bows and barrettes and headbands...and we let all the girls pick some.  Our PRECIOUS friend Emily Roach made BEAUTIFUL handmade bows for us to share with the girls at Providence.  Look how cute the girls look with the bows...They really enjoyed them! 


Vadim and Maxim continued to enjoy photography time...between mine and Heather's cameras we had about 50 pictures of the sky...and then an additional  150 random shots.  I love them all!  They are amazing. Vadim and Maxim (remember they are brothers) were both so serious about are just a few of the photos they took...

I actually took this one of them taking pictures:)

Maxim took this picture from the top floor of Providence...its Vadim
I think Cameras will DEFINITELY be on my Christmas Wish List for Providence:)  Don't you think? :)  I know ALL of the kids would LOVE will see more pictures of the kids with cameras later.  

It was a great day at the orphanage...After all of the excitement of Day 2...we were all very tired...and we were leaving Cupcui to head back to Sarata Noah...Maxim kept touching our arms and asking the same thing over and over...we didn't know what he was saying...Maine Veniti?  (sounded sort of like-muney vayneetz)  He would tap our arms and say Maine Veniti?  Maine Veniti?  All the kids looked at as curiously wondering...would we be back in their lives again...Would we Maine Veniti...Return tomorrow?

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  1. Loved the pictures the guys took. I loved the Emily hairbows too. Her bows are so awesome and I love the fact that she donated some for you to take. This post was precious.