Last Days

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Last days are both wonderful and horrible. I don't care what cool quote or sentiment you put with it(Don't cry because its over, smile because it happened,i do love that one:) etc)-there is still some sadness. They are just a big ole crazy mix of emotional highs and lows. Brian and I have had several "last days" over the last few weeks. We are so humbled and excited to be following God's plan for us in Moldova...but we are saying goodbye to friends and family...and well, that part is tough...because we have some wonderful friends and family. Brian has been a Quality Engineer at small company in Montgomery for the last thirteen years. He is a hardworking, smart, and kind man and they, of course will miss him. I am so glad they celebrated him for this last two weeks. They took him to lunch, had a surprise lunch for him, and just generally loved on him and encouraged him. They took the time to share their respect for and appreciation of him. That makes this girl smile. If you don't know my husband, you should. He is quiet, incredibly witty, generous, kind, driven, loving, and thoughtful...(he is also incredibly cute-but I digress-I can talk about Brian all day long). Because Brian is a man, his "last day" wasn't quite as crazy emotional as I was. He felt loved and that was that:) Crazy emotional Kathryn on the other hand....My going away party at work was at the end of May (I am was a special education teacher at an all Kindergarten school..its like Disney world....with 500 five year olds). My coworkers friends did an amazing job surprising me. If you are my friend on facebook, you saw all the pictures and felt the love, I am sure. It was such a joyous feeling to be loved on and surprised like that...but ya'all, I did the ugly cry for real ( and my goal has been to NOT ugly cry in front of others...but ALAS, a rock star party did it to me). I was so overwhelmed with emotions for my sweet friends I even tried to leave my own surprise party...they kept turning me around and sending me back in. I wanted to have my ugly cry in peace:) It was an amazing party and given by people who know me so well. It was a beautifully up lifting "last day". My actual last day of teaching was a struggle. So much of who I am has been tied up in being a special education teacher and I'm not gonna lie, it was another ugly cry kinda day. But, this time I got to ugly cry by myself :) We have so many "last days" ahead of us over these next 17 days. Each "last" moment is beautiful and sad. I am praying that God helps me store them all up as treasures in my heart. So that when I am feeling sad, alone, forgotten, frustrated....I will remember that I am loved by Him...and one of the ways He shows us love is through the love of friends and family.

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