Travel Time

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Well....the day finally arrived when we would load up all of our belongings and head to Moldova.  The last six months have been so busy, Brian and I haven't had much time to process.  We have both felt like we were watching all the events and time with family we were onlookers.

So on Sunday, We rode to the airport in rainshowers all the way (Brian in the car with his parents and me in the car with two precious friends)....we waited in the ticket line forever....we were given special baggage rates (thanks for praying for that friends)....and then we said goodbye.....and it still didn't seem real.  Our friends and family left the airport...  and we waited for it to start feeling "real".  We still had to rush about to get to our flight and grab a bite to eat.  We boarded the plane and then we waited for it to feel real....

Somewhere half way over the Atlantic Ocean, it finally processed through our brains.....This..Is....REAL.  Then I began to cry.  I cried because it finally hit me how much I am going to miss all of those amazing friends that I told you about.  I cried because I was thankful that God gave me those friends.  I cried because I realized I wouldn't get to hug my momma or my best girl friends for over year.  It got real at 30,000 feet in the air. I am sure the people around us were wondering what all the sniffeling and ugly cry faces were about.  We cried and we let the tears flow....and then....we felt that peace that only He can give.

After being awake for over 30 hours straight....I feel certain I could cry about anytthing right now.....and I know that I will have sad days and long for the love of my family and friends in the U.S.  But I will continue to hold on to the promises of the One who loves me.

We arrived in Munich 30 hours after our original flight (we had a 19 hour layover in Munich)....We spent a rainy day with our dear friend Raegan, sight seeing and attempting to stay awake:)  The weather was very wet and cool....but the company was wonderful....and the German food did not disappoint.  Brian had Schnitzel and I had Spaetzle.  All yummy.  We then headed back to the Hotel and we passed out.  (Brian fell asleep in two different churches in Munich during our sight he was ready for rest).

Today, we arrived in Moldova...and came through customs and were greeted by by dear dear dear people.  They had signs and letters and flowers for us.....but most of all they had warm open arms.  Nothing like a welcome home hug...and that is where we are now....home.  Its strange....but true.  We are both exhausted right now...but wanted to take a minute to let you all know how things are.  We will post pictures soon!  We love you our friends.  Nopate Buna Si Vise Dulce!!!!  (Good night and sweet dreams!!)

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  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE you both! So grateful to have witnessed what God has done in your lives and so excited to see how He will honor and bless your obedience to be His hands and feet to a people so deserving and needing to be loved!

    Brother Chris