Can't June 15th Last a little longer????

Saturday, June 25, 2011

I'm telling you...June 15th was a long day...and filled with amazing things...

I'm sure after reading my last post you are wondering...why did she decide to name her blog Zambeste? (as you may recall Zambeste means "smile" in Romanian.)  Smile may initially seem like a horrible title for a blog about the perils children face in Moldova.   I realize that the topic is very heavy....and that there are many heartbreaking moments...but these kids have been offered something amazing....HOPE.  If you could see the beautiful smiles on their faces DESPITE the horrible circumstances of their would know why I chose SMILE.  If you saw the smile that these children put on my would know why I chose smile...if you saw the joy through the would know...Zambeste just fits.    Their smiles come from their hope...Hope in Him.  All because Philip Cameron saw a need...and didn't just say "Something must be done!"  He DID something!  (And is still doing something...and he needs our CHECK OUT THEIR PAGES Philip Cameron Ministries and Stella's House!!!!!)  There is still sooooo much that needs to be done in Moldova.  We haven't even scratched the surface!

But I digress...I am FINALLY going to wrap up June 15th for you...I know that you are all sad to see it go...because 6 out of 8 posts are about that day. 

After the girls shared their "Human Video" and their stories, we all felt numb.  How do you go on with life like everything is OK after you hear stories like that?  We sat still for a while...and processed....and prayed.   All the while, the girls were hugging each other and caring for each other like family.  Then, they all began smiling again.  I don't know how...well...that's not true...I do know how...with Gods help...they can smile...with Gods help...they are never too broken.  These girls just blow me away.  They are amazing....just stinking amazing.  You should see if their tour is coming to your local NEED to see how God can heal ALL wounds...wounds that we cant even imagine. 
After hugging the girls and seeing their smiles again...we sat down to a delicious first meal in Moldova.  It consisted of Bread (we had yummy bread EVERY SINGLE meal), fried pork loin, potatoes, and a lovely Moldovan Summer Salad (cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, and oil).  It was DELISH!
After dinner, we sat around and played PHASE 10 Dice with the girls.  This was a very quick and easy way for us to learn our basic numbers in Romanian.  They love this game.  (We actually played it EVERY SINGLE time we were at Stella's House...its super team mate Heather has already purchased one for her home).  About 8 of us sat around and played until the sun began to go down (finally-it stays bright there until at least 9 o clock).  Mia, our lovely and wonderful host, told us that it was time to go.  We didn't want to leave the girls...but we knew we would be back to see them...and we knew that leaving them meant that we would be spending time at the we left...but it was a little bittersweet...even though it wasn't farewell...We piled into the Chevrolet mini van (whose nick name I will not share with you because I have been sworn to secrecy).    Look how tired we all look...this is like hour 36 of being awake for we all are in the back of the van on that first night....we were becoming what I like to call LEDIRIOUS  (its that point where you are soo sleepy you are beyond Delirious...and you couldn't even say Delirious right because you are so you know what I mean...just ask my friend Courtney.)

How do I know we were LEDIRIOUS?  EVERYTHING was funny!  As I said before, the roads in Moldova are pretty bad...Most of the ride to our village was dirt road (with huge ruts) or paved road (with horrible ruts).  Every time I turned around Heather and Elizabeth were bumping up and down...and the poor little van was making so much noise because of the hard was just hilarious.  We all began laughing uncontrollably.  Just thinking about the squeaking door and the bouncy friends in the back seat is making me cackle out loud right now!  It gets better though....
Mia (remember she is our PRECIOUS GUIDE/Missionary for PCM) asked if we wanted to stop at the bakery in Hincesti for Placenta...We all burst out laughing. It was funny.  I'm sorry.  Placenta (spelled the same but pronounced PLUCHENTAH) is a Moldovan pastry.  Mia had to talk us all in to trying it because we weren't sure she was telling us the truth.  Placenta (remember its CH sound not C, OK?) is delicious as it turns out.  We tried Potato Placenta, Cabbage Placenta, Cheese Placenta (ooooh man it was goood), and Sweet Placenta.  We passed it around on while bouncing up and down on the way to Sarata.
When we arrived at the village house, we were immediately greeted by what would become our special turkey friend (he will get his own story later....for now here's his picture...TRUST me it does not do him justice)

We unloaded our 12 thousand suitcases and headed inside.  We were so thankful to be at our final destination....we all began showering....(remember we had been up since 4:00 the previous day).  We then all began to go to bed...Brian and I magically ended up with a room to ourselves.  (The McInnishes and The Mullins were in one dorm style room and we were in the other.)  The thought was each couple would get 2 nights in the room to themselves...but no one ever asked us to move we didn't.  We housed all the extra luggage:) 
I climbed in to the top bunk that night with every intention of journaling our day....and I was so tired...I just bulleted the highlights.  My prayers that night in Moldova seemed more fervent...I felt like I was pleading with God...I begged Him to find me a worthy instrument of His love...I begged Him that just this one time in my life that I could be "good enough" in every way to serve the kids.  I begged Him that He would answer my questions about the future while we were there...I begged Him to to fill my heart and calm my spirit and just consume me ( I had never prayed that before)...I begged Him to let me hear His voice in a mighty way. (You definitely need to keep reading the blog to see just how he did it...its gonna blow your BLEW my mind!)
I kissed my sweet husband good night...and thanked him for answering Gods call in our lives...and for standing beside me as we started this journey...I feel asleep to the sound of our fan...whirring through the thick Moldovan air....


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  1. I am loving reading each post. I find myself waiting for the next one. You have become an awesome blogger munchkin.

  2. Thanks left my first comment! I am so excited...and I have sooo much more to say!