Yep...on this blog its STILL June 15th...

Thursday, June 23, 2011

What?  It was a banner day.  June 15th was our very first day in Moldova.  During our tour of Ialoveni (do you remember how to pronounce it?) we saw a few stores, the school some of the girls go to and other local sites (mostly just residential stuff).  Moldova is a country full of agriculture...even in the more suburban area of Ialoveni fruit trees abound.  The girls enjoyed picking cherries, vishynus, blackberry like things, crab apples, and other fruit for us to try...being the good southerners that we are we tried it ALL.  Marchika enjoyed getting us to try apples that weren't quite ripe.  THEY WERE CRAZY SOUR.  She laughed and laughed....she pulled the prank on all of us...and we let her....her laughter was beautiful...and we wanted to hear it!  Marchika did not speak much English on her first day...but guess what....that girl knows about Justin Beiber!  Well, being the singing prodigy that I am (ahem) I had to sing it with her.  It was so fun!  No, I do NOT know all the words...but she does:)  I love that these girls love music...because as you will come to find...I ALWAYS have a song in my heart (more about this later).  Here are some photos from our tour of IALOVENI.

Kathryn, Marchika, and Heather in front of the school
The well...the girls get their drinking water from here.
Alabama Girls and Stella's House Girls...We are soo cool!
Apartment Building in Ialoveni

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