Its My Birthday...I'd Rather be in Moldova

Thursday, June 23, 2011

That's Maxim...Isn't he precious?

Right now it is 4:00 a.m. on June 23rd...It is my 31st birthday....Its amazing how my view of birthdays has changed just since last year...Last year I was such a baby on my was my 30th birthday and on the actual day I wanted loads of attention and was quite bratty when it didn't pan out the way I thought it should (paparazzi and friends pouring attention on me, etc)....Funny thing is 4 days after my actual birthdate I was having a HUGE party...but I was grumpy about one stinkin' day...I have even continued to whine about it....Ridiculous! I am so ashamed of my behavior on that particular day. (My actual party was many people came to show they love me....and also helped me raise money for Philip Cameron Ministries)...Anyway...its my second post and already I digress (thank you Sophia Patrillo!). Here's the lesson-I NEVER want to spend another birthday thinking about myself...its ridiculous really! I prayed for that last night..(my words exactly...with quite a bit of timidity...cause you never know how God is going to answer prayers " Dear me to NEVER think about myself on my me remember the children who don't get a chance to celebrate their birthdays because they don't know when it is, or no one remembers, or no one cares enough to celebrate)..and you know what God did? He woke me at up 3:30 on my birthday with my heart burning to tell you about Moldova...I have been fighting this blogging thing tooth and nail....but God KEEPS putting it on my blog I MUST!!!

My next post will be the letter I sent to friends and family on Facebook the week before we left for Moldova....

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