Sunday, June 26, 2011

 I don't know if any of the readers of this blog will be people who do not know me...I think my 15 followers (yeah!) are all friends and family.  I am so thankful for makes my heart smile.  Most of you know my sweet husband, if you don't you should...because he's awesome...He's also a pretty quiet groups of people...NOT at home.  That boy talks non stop at home:)  I love to hear him talk...I love his voice...I love what he says...I love how he smiles (but I digress...can you tell I like the guy?)  Anyhow...he is a man of few words kind of person sometimes...but when he speaks...I think it is important to listen...because its gonna be something he has really thought about and considered....But remember...I am generally the EMOTION of the two of us...I told a friend yesterday that I had enough emotion to share.  I am just an emotional person.  Now...don't go thinking that I cry all the time...because I don't (well...I do...but the hurt of others hurts me).  The point is...Brian talks a lot (at home)...but I talk about FEELINGS.
From the beginning, Brian wanted to be a part of our trip to Moldova.  (I think his original reason was to protect me...because he is DEFINITELY a PROTECTOR by nature...he would go to battle for me...not gonna lie it annoys me sometimes ;)  My favorite book as a kid was "I Can Do It Myself"  Mostly his need to protect makes me feel loved and secure).  Anyway, as we learned more about the country and the ministry,  his motives changed completely (he still wanted to protect me...but his bigger motivation was to help protect Moldova's children).  He prayed with me for months about every step of this trip.  He prayed with me about our future and the role Moldova will play in it...he prayed and prayed (even when I didn't). 

Sometimes I don't know what goes on in that head of his...but Moldova has changed him...and I just thought I loved that boy before...but something about seeing your man on fire for God's cause.  He has just become ten times MORE amazing to me.  Do you know what this quiet man of mine did?  (ok-background info...he was one of the LAST of our friends to join facebook and he only posts on there once or twice every 4-6 months.  no lie.  its social networking...and he's not in to that...meanwhile his wife the social butterfly can't get enough of it).  I needed you to know that...because it makes what he did a BIG deal. Yesterday, he posted his very first note EVER on facebook!  Do you know what it was about-Moldova.  If you are his friend on facebook, please check it out.  One of my friends commented that it was the most she had ever heard Brian say.  God is going to use this passion of ours for His glory.  I don't know how...but He is.  Do you know what else God has done for us as a couple...(here's where the feelings come in).  We have wept together for the children of Moldova.  This may creep some of you out...but not me.  The day that Brian went back to work...we both felt so weird.  Life just seemed out of sorts.  All we could both think about all day were the kids at Stella's House and Providence.  ALL DAY long...not a second passed without us thinking about them.  When Brian got home from work...I was so glad to see him.  We were both so tired...and worn out from our thoughts.  I gave Brian a welcome home hug...and he whispered in my ear..."I wish we were there"...then we both began crying...I'm crying now as I write it....we cried and cried.  God changed Brian's plans for the trip and he is changing our hearts.  I'm not trying to write a James Patterson or Nicholas Sparks novel here (those can make you cry).  I just want you to know...God is amazing!  He is getting my quiet and reserved fella to share...and he is making him a little emotional too!  Now He hasn't turned Brian in to a crying emotional extrovert...oh no...that would not be Brian...and that's OK.  God is using who we are to change things and to change us. ( to quote our team mate, Chris McInnish's catch phrase.....)  Does that make sense?

This post was a detour from our actual mission trip story...but I wanted to share with you how God is working in us...he took my "man of few words" husband and turned him in to someone who writes NOTES on facebook.  (Granted he had to ask me how to do it) 
Stay tuned...the Moldova Mission Trip story will continue...thanks for listening today!
This is my sweet honey...He is showing Vica how to take a self-portrait!

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