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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Well friends, I just got finished speaking with a group at our church about Moldova.  I only had about 5 minutes to speak (because there were MANY people sharing their stories).  Ok...those of you who have been reading this blog know....I couldn't even finish day one in ONE BLOG.  Covering the whole trip in 5 minutes?  I can't do ANYTHING in 5 minutes.  I did my best.  I told them the important parts.  Moldova's children need our help and our prayers.  The circumstances there are horrible.  PCM is doing its best to shine light in a dark part of our world...We were lucky enough to spend a week there...showing love. I stepped away from the podium thinking to myself (insecurities rearing their head) "I do not speak like an adult"  "There's no way any one even heard what I had to say."  But you know what...Brian was standing there smiling giving me a thumbs up...and my sweet precious friend, Courtney sent me a little text that said GOOD JOB! :).  God puts these special people in my life to remind me that He made me...and He is gonna use me just the way I am...He has a plan.  (even if I can't speak like I have 3 degrees (which I do)). 

With that...I will begin day 2....go on and prepare yourself...I have a lot to say...this one could span several posts as well:)

I woke up to the sound of our special turkey friend (remember him?) gobbling.  Its true.  We did not wake up to the rooster crowing (although he was there)...NOPE it was our new friend the white turkey!  We woke up with smiles on our faces...because we were going to the orphanage for the first time...and because waking up to a turkey is just funny!  Brian and I made breakfast for the crew that morning...he scrambled some farm fresh eggs...and I made toast (the bread in Moldova is soooo good and they eat it with every meal!). Breakfast was yummy.  We followed it up with a devotional led by Chris.  A glorious start to the morning! 
We drove the 20 minutes down the VERY BUMPY road to Cupcui.  Its hard to convey village life in words...the roads are made of dirt and they are very bumpy...the dirt roads create a thick layer of dust on everything...the homes vary greatly...some have tin roofs...some have thatch roofs. Very few homes have running water.  The villagers walk back and forth to the wells all day...some people do have electricity and satellites...but even they often have "outdoor" kitchens.  The main mode of transportation in the villages is horse and carriage...most people have simple gardens to supply their food needs.   Summers in Moldova are very warm...However, winters are extremely cold and many people have a separate room in their homes just for winter living.  The homes are simple and small. 

Main road into Cupcui

Typical House in Cupcui (and Moldovan villages)

The villages seem like an entirely different planet outside of the capital city of Chisinau...and Chisinau isn't that modern to begin with.  Moldova is full of contrasts.  There is extreme beauty in countryside and in the faces of the precious children...and there is extreme ugliness in the treatment of the children...and the lack of hope.   There are people in Moldova with hope...and there are many beautiful people in Moldova who care for the precious children.  While I do want you to understand the darkness there...I want you to remember the light as well.

The thing that I want you to remember today is...Moldova is poor...many of the children in the numerous orphanages across the tiny country of Moldova have living family...They simply cannot afford to care for them....or do not want to care for them.   I also want you to remember that Moldova is extremely cold in the winter.  In the homes and orphanages without decent heating and insulation, many children die.  PCM is trying to fight that.  They are trying to repair heating systems in some orphanages... and this year they had a winter coat drive to try to save the lives of children in and out of orphanages. 

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  1. What a great post. I loved reading it. It made me feel as if I were there too. I can't imagine either of us telling about something so powerful and moving in 5 minutes. WE ARE BORN TO BE STORYTERLLERS! We both got it honest....from Peepaw. I figured out how to by-pass the problem posting. I can use my school blog! Bwaaaahhhhhaaaahhhh!