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Thursday, June 23, 2011

This is my post word for word
" I wish that I could be a more eloquent writer and that I could truly convey the overflowing emotions I feel when writing this...
Hello Friends!
I just can't believe that Brian and I are leaving for Moldova in 3 days! God has been doing a mighty work in our lives in preparation for this trip. This trip is God's plan and desire for our hearts REALIZED....Really...you can't even imagine...Let me just tell you a quick little story.
Four years ago, when I was working at the Chapter One Office, I heard this man on Faith Radio talking about this country I had never heard of.....MOLDOVA. He told of the perils that young men and women face in Moldova. It broke my heart to hear about young orphan girls aging out of the system at 16 and being scooped up by horrible predatorial people. I went to work that day and talked about Moldova around morning coffee with my coworkers...and after that I could never forget the name of that country...God has continued to burden my heart for the children there. I won't give you any history or political lessons on Moldova because you can read that for yourself if you so desire....I'd rather you know about the children there. Simply stated...Moldova is a poor country and there are MANY orphans there. Many of the children in the orphanages have families who are alive who either don't want them or would rather not "waste" money on their care. Can you imagine? Knowing that your family is out there but would rather see you raised by strangers? It breaks God's heart. Over the last few years...God has continued to break our hearts for what breaks His...MOLDOVA (in particular). Brian and I have spent lots of time in prayer for the children and people of Moldova. Philip Cameron Ministries (the man I heard on Faith Radio as it turns out) has formed a relationship with our church. We have been blessed to hear the girls from Stella's House share their stories on many occassions. In the spring, the government of Moldova gave the chrisitan organization Phillip Cameron Ministires (PCM) a previoiusly state run orphanage (that was in EXTREME disrepair). Anyway, PCM has completely renovated the building (made it livable) and there are now between 30 and 40 children there. We are going to be spending the majority of our time just LOVING on them and showing them that we love them and that our amazing CREATOR does too. The orphanage is Providence Orphanage in Cupcui, Moldvoa. We will also be spending time with the girls from Stella's House. This is PCMs attempt to prevent these girls from being sold into sex slavery. They give them a home, help them learn english and help them establish and learn a trade (finish high school, college, and/or university). All the while...teaching them about and showing them God's love (YOU HAVE TO COME BACK AND READ MY BLOG WHEN I GET TO WORSHIPING AT STELLA'S HOUSE...INTENSE!!!!) I'm telling you I LOVE this mission organization and they are based in Montgomery, ALABAMA.

Ok, I realize that my story has gotten a little too long...and some of you are checking out mentally right now...so I will recap with bullet points (Thank You Brian Jones)

  • Moldova is a small country in Eastern Europe
  • Poverty is Rampant
  • Child abandonment is rampant
  • It is the sex trafficking capital of Europe.
  • There are children and young women there who need to see and know God's love is real (THIS is the MAIN purpose of our trip)

La revedere (that's Romanian for Goodbye),

Brian and Kathryn"

The rest of the facebook post just included ways for our friends and family to follow our team while we were in Moldova. My mission team member, Chris, did a great job blogging while we were there...you can check it out at http://www.frazerumc.org/missionsblog/.

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