Thursday, July 7, 2011

After a long and hot first day at the orphanage...we drove back to our little village house in Sarata.  (Its about 10 minutes from Cupcui).  We were all so tired...and stinky...and just full to the brim with love and we were thankful that God picked us to be His hands and His feet this time.  Thankfully, we had indoor plumbing at the village house...and we lined up to take showers and help with dinner.  Chris helped Mia and Nycole make some yummy spaghetti (that's right)...and we paired it with a delicious Moldovan salad.  (This time it was shredded cabbage, mayonnaise, and these snack-type croutons that are sour cream and greenery flavored).  It was yummy.  I bought some of the croutons to bring back and make my own salad.  We all sat around and just contemplated the last two days...they had been amazing and exhausting...and there was still more to come!  While we ate, Mia showed us some videos she had made from the coat drive (many of you may remember me hounding you for your coats this year to send to Moldova:) ).  She showed us several videos...but the coat drive video made me feel broken made me feel filled with righteous made me feel full of love for the faces that were starring blankly back at me.  I won't stop saying it...I am so thankful for Philip Cameron Ministries...I am so glad that they continue to answer the call to practice TRUE RELIGION (according to James 1:27) every day in Moldova...I know that I want to keep on being a part of it.  Whats so amazing is that the kids from Stella's House and Simon's House were the ones to help deliver the coats to orphans throughout was orphans...MINISTERING to orphans.  If that doesn't make you in awe of our God....and break your heart for that Nation..I don't know what will.  In case you didn't know, I am a special education teacher.  One thing I noticed in the video...the kids with disabilities are housed in separate orphanages based on their disability.  There is an orphanage for deaf children, an orphanage for blind children, they are basically categorized in to orphanages.  And...Philip Cameron Ministries did NOT forget the least of these.  They ministered to them as well. I will post a link to the video...when I can find it:) 
Please keep praying from Philip Cameron Ministries (PCM) there is a LOT to do in Moldova.  Pray that God will reveal what our part is:) 

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