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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hi friends...don't give up on me just yet!  I took a week off from blogging because I was at a Professional Development Conference for teachers:)  AND I will be at another one this week...but I am taking a laptop because I just have to much to say:)  I am still on this journey to share about our trip to Moldova...and we are still very much on a journey to understand God's plan for us.  Let me just jump right back in to my story...we were on Day 2 at the orphanage (with a few detours). 

Everywhere in Moldova there are lovely crosses...Russian orthodox crosses.  You cannot drive down the road in any village without finding a few... Here's one near Cupcui...
While many in Moldova are raised Orthodox...few know a personal relationship with Jesus.  They are familiar with routines and customs...but not with just talking with and being with your maker....and understanding His love.  I feel that is where the hopelessness in the country stems from.  
While we could not share our faith openly with the kids...we could show them His love in us...His Joy in us.  I know that we made an impact on these kids while we were there...but do you know who is making an even bigger difference?  The girls and boys from Simon's House and Stella's House.  Right now as we speak, these PRECIOUS teenagers are conducting camps for kids at Cupcui.  They are planning activities that are meaningful for all the kids...they are showing the kids Gods love in even more meaningful ways!  They are spending their summer helping other orphans come to know Him.  These kids are going to understand what the crosses on the side of the road stand for...a savior who loves them...no matter what.  Can you imagine HOW big that must be for an orphan?  Its Big for me.

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  1. Awesome! I love the fact that the boys and girls from Simon's and STella's are taking God to the next level. That truly is big stuff.