Friday, July 1, 2011

Well friends...I cannot tell you the story of our mission trip without an occasional side track or soap box rant.  I am so thankful for that though!  That means God is still stirring my heart for Moldova...Keep praying that my passion for these people will stay strong!  Thanks for coming back and reading more!

The kids at Providence are just amazing.  Our first day was really like rainbows and butterflies for me.  I was just so happy to be with the kids.  God just filled me with His love for the children and for the moment.  The sights around me just made my heart explode... The countryside around the orphanage is beautiful rolling fields of poppies, grain, grass, vineyards, etc.  I kept channeling my inner Julie Andrews...I'm serious I could not help myself... I would just spin around and sing at the top of my lungs "THE HILLS  ARE ALIVE...WITH THE SOUND OF MUSIC Aahh ahhh ah ah".  Did the kids look at me funny when I did this?  Yes.  Did my team?  No...they joined in...cause they are awesome like that! 

If I could guess...of all the fun things we did on that first day...and it was a very ACTIVE and busy day...I think the kids loved eating the Dum Dum suckers more than ANYTHING!!!  I promise you those children probably all ate 10 dum dums on that first day.  They were a hit!  Candy is an international language as it turns out.

Do you know what else the kids loved?  Fake tattoos!  Here are some pictures-
Tattoos draw a crowd!

Ionut...look at his arms and legs.

The water wasn't working during our tattoo we used wet wipes to adhere the tattoos...Between those 11 children....we probably used 150 tattoos!  Seriously.  Look at Ionut in the picture.  He has some on his legs and arms...He eventually got tired of us being so slow to put on the he did them himself.  They really loved the tattoos...and we were able to leave some for them to use at a later date.  This is one of my favorite pictures from the day...It is my sweet (and VERY handsome) husband holding baby Pasa while we did the tattoos!

  OK...I could not get this picture to go vertical even though it is vertical on my computer...just turn your head to the side and you can sweet Pasa (pronounced Pasha)  and my hubby...

That's it for now...I still have more to tell come visit my blog again!!!!

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  1. Loved the picture of Brian and Pasa. That is too adorable.