Someone to Watch Over Me

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Friends....its so easy for me to feel lost here.  Moldova has certainly been good for my prayer life.  Last night...I was awake in my bed from 10-12...just praying.  Praying for every child I came in contact with.  I prayed for them all by name...and sent hugs their way...I know that God honored that prayer and that they felt His embrace in a warm breeze or the smile of a friend.  I continue praying, pleading with God to continue to reveal His plan for our lives.  Praying that He will continue to make His path known to us (as opposed to us alerting Him about our plans).  Something that Galina said to me on our first day keeps weighing on my heart....I'm not sure what God is going to do about it...but I know that He is in the business of DOING THINGS and CHANGING I am trusting Him. 

After our walk through the village, Galina and I were talking about her childhood.  Every part of her story breaks my heart.  Go back and read that post if you haven't.  I asked Galina a question...and I never imagined the impact that her response would have on my life...strangely enough...her answer surprised me.   It shouldn't have...but it did.   I asked Galina, as an orphan what had she wanted most.  I was thinking it would be something more physical...a warm bed, warm meal, dry home, etc.  When I asked her what she most wanted...I imagined more a shoot for the've got three wishes kind of answer...and this girl...this girl just wanted someone to be there.  She wanted someone there ....she wanted to know that someone truly cared for her...She wanted someone to truly practice James be there for orphans in their distress...

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  1. What a precious post. I can see how this would have touched your heart like it did.