Story Time is Story Time...the language doesn't matter

Monday, July 4, 2011

I am back on track...let me tell you about the rest of our first day at the orphanage!
      After a DELICIOUS lunch at the orphanage (seriously all of the food was super yummy!), we waited for the kids to finish their meals.  All of the kids in the orphanage speak Romanian and some Russian and NO English ( or very very little English).  But, Maxim...sweet Maxim...I wish I could hug that child RIGHT THIS SECOND.  I am a hugger I tell ya!  He gave me so many hugs and kisses every day...I feel like he and I communicated through fact there was a picture of me hugging Maxim on the front of our church bulletin last week and my husband commented, "Look, Its Kathryn in her natural habitat....a HUG!"  He gets me :)  (But I digress...back to the story time story).  Maxim found this book in our big blue suitcase and took it to my friend Heather....

       Well...Heather, being the cool girl that she is, started reading that book in English to him!  I would have probably just smiled at Maxim and handed it right back to him...but not my sweet friend Heather...she read it....and they loved it.  It was a book of nursery rhymes!  She eventually drew quite the crowd...about 6 or 7 kids...but being the Early Childhood Teacher that I am I don't have pictures of it...because I was enjoying story time too!  There is nothing like a Read Aloud with a sweet child in your lap.  Heather would ask the kids how to say certain parts in Romanian and the kids LOVED was an interactive Read Aloud (that's for all my Early Childhood peeps- any Children's Lit teacher would have been proud:)
        While my friend Heather did an amazing job telling the story, it really wasn't about the story at was about quality time with children who needed to know that someone thinks that they are worth more than all the story times in the world!

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