Freedom...and Movies

Monday, July 4, 2011

Today is the Fourth of July.  A day to celebrate freedom...a day to celebrate the United States of America...and I am thinking about my friends and new family in Moldova.  I can tell you all are praying for me...Moldova is still in my heart every day.  I read two great blogs the other day about bridging the gap between here and there.  Between Moldova and the world that I live in...its a tough to transition back...spiritually, mentally, emotionally...even physically.  I want to talk about it all the every conversation I can think of something I saw or heard or experienced in Moldova...people are going to get tired of hearing about it...but I just can't help it...The two blogs that I read gave me some hope for reconciling and undestanding the difference between here and there...and also lead me to some amazing bible verses that I will be praying over.  You can check them out here and here.  These two bloggers convey my confusions and feelings better than I can.  Please check them out. 

God keeps putting Moldova in my heart in little ways.  Even in the most unsuspecting at the movie theater.  :)  God has such a sense of humor! Today I went to see the movie Monte Carlo with my good friend Mandy and her daughter.  It was a super cute movie...and I was thinking about nothing but living the "American Dream" all through that see the girls travel to Monte Carlo and live in the lap of luxury for a little while...It got me to thinking about all the places that I want to see and things that I want to buy...and well...that's how it seeped in on me...I was thinking about what new clothes I wanted so that I could look this way or that.  I completely forgot all the convictions in my an a PG movie no less!  But, you know what...God is sooo smart...He really is. As I was sitting there thinking about frivolous things...the main character (SPOILER ALERT) ends up volunteering in an orphanage in Romania!!!!  He brought me back from the pit of consumerism  (that sounds a wee bit more harsh than I intended...but I will leave it).  He brought me right back to the reality of the needs of the children in Moldova and all over the world...I am so glad God got me back on track!  Pray that I won't be so easily swayed again!  Keep reading for more about our trip!  Also-keep praying for Summer Camp at is going great!


2 Responses to “Freedom...and Movies”

  1. Great post mi hijita. I thank you for the reminder of allowing things to cloud my mission. I want to see the movie as well and will be on guard to prevent the draw of consumerism from taking hold. You are so wise beyond your years and I think it is amazing how the child can teach the parent so much. Con cariña, M

  2. I love your precious heart and your writing! YOU ARE AMAZING!!!