VBS and Moldova

Friday, July 15, 2011

OK friends...many of you may have never even heard of Moldova...but now I hope you will ALWAYS think about that country and her people...Just in case you didn't already know...Moldova is a tiny country (the size of the state of Maryland...situated in eastern Europe between Romania and Ukraine (which I call THE Ukraine for some reason...I can't stop myself).  Some 20 posts in to this blog...and I FINALLY tell you where the country is...I'm just that awesome at delivery:)    Here is a map for those of you who haven't already Googled it.

God is just so amazing...if you go back and read my first few posts you will learn more about Moldova...and Philip Cameron Ministries.   Ok...I am off to a rocky start with this post....bear with me friends.  I just want you to know...3 years ago...I had never heard of the country...now...I promise, every time I turn around God is bringing this country in to my sight...in some way...on TV, on Facebook, at Church...etc.  We have been back from Moldova for almost a month now...and our hearts continue to burn for the people there...we want to share His love and His good news with them.  Everyday we think about and pray about Moldova...

Guess what God did this time?  He is so cool.  He brought Moldova to us! 

This week at VBS...(our theme was the Big Apple)  That was apparently "THE" VBS for the summer. 
Every year at VBS, we have a mission.  My friend Jennifer was in charge of the mission this year.  Do you know what she chose?  MOLDOVA!!! Seriously!  All 850 kids at VBS this week learned a little bit about Moldova each day...and they brought in Pajamas, socks, and underwear for the kids there.  The girls from our mission team (me, Elizabeth, and Heather) got on stage and shared with the kids at VBS about the kids in Moldova (actually-Heather shared with them....Elizabeth and I smiled and clapped).  She did a great job!  ANYWAY...We gathered PJS and such for the kids at Providence.  It was awesome.  Jennifer said we got over 721 items.  (each pack of socks=1 item, each pack of underwear=1 item, etc).  Isnt that amazing?  But it gets better...today...at the finale rally...Some of the girls from Stella's House who are here for a summer tour came and performed for the kids!  Elizabeth, Heather and I were beside ourselves with excitement.  We've been back less than a month and we already got to see our friends Stella and Marnika...and meet some other girls too!  God is just going to keep on bringing Moldova to the forefront of my mind and my heart.  Friends...He means business :)  Keep praying for us! 

P.S.-Here is a VERY fashionable way that you can support the AMAZING work of Philip Cameron Ministries -Stella's Voice shirts...and yes...I already have the yellow one...and I am buying the gray one:)  Click on the Stella's Voice link above...to shop:)

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  1. Love the shirts. How awesome is God that Moldova was your mission project for VBS. Can't wait to spend a spot of time with you next week.