Day 1

Thursday, July 7, 2011

I have so many things to share with many anecdotal stories...but I am trying very hard to stay on topic....those of you who know me...know this is VERY difficult...I am like the little dog in UP...I will be talking to you and all of a sudden.....SQUIRREL!!!  Out of left field some thought over takes my bear with me in love friends.  I want to tell you every experience we had in the the night at the mission Stella's House.
As you can tell, our first day at Providence was amazing.  We spent so much time loving on children.  It was wonderful.  The whole time we were in Moldova we learned more and more about the orphan situation.  It just breaks my heart that there is an orphanage in almost every village.  While the orphanages can be less than wonderful, the situations at home for many of these children are horrible...Some parents will drop their kids off at the orphanage so that they can go on vacation...One of the sets of siblings at Providence lived on bread and sugar for the six months prior to Providence. Once the kids start eating healthy meals 3 times a day...they start to fatten up (which is still trim).  To look at entry day pictures of the kids and to see them now...the change is can see the roundness in their cheeks, the shine in their eyes, the pride in their steps...their lives have been changed by coming to a Christian-run orphanage.  Oh the eternal impact Providence is making!  But, there are still needs...always check out Stella's voice website to see how you can help!

Here are a few more pictures from our first day at Providence...

Heather and Chris with Baby Marianna...
Hey from Moldova!  You get it...HAY???

Kathryn, Baby Mariana, and Valerica

Liuda...and DANU...Isn't he the cutest thing?  Hes soo spoiled too!
Checking out one of the wells in the village.
I now have 19 followers!!! Yeah!  Keep checking back...there is still soooo much to tell!  (Especially all the cool things God is doing!)

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