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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

As promised, today's post will be free of rants and soapboxes!  This post will focus on our second day at the orphanage.  I know you are all excited about that!  Thanks for continuing to come back and visit my blog (even when I get a bit preachy or pushy).  I am processing things :)  I have 19 followers now!  Who will make it 20? :)  I digress...

OK.  On our second morning in Sarata (remember this is the name of the village where we stayed).  Brian and I got up early and my sweet husband....(who had also made breakfast for everyone the morning before) made blueberry pancakes from muffin mix...they were yummy!  My husband is just tooo wonderful!  His love language is acts of service...because that is how he shows love!  We finished up breakfast and Chris led our devotions.  He did a fantastic job, as always!  Once we were all ready, we loaded up for the bumpy ride to Cupcui:) 
That morning we had assembled an example of what the picture frames(a craft we would be making later in the week) would look like.  We wanted the kids to know why we were taking their pictures.  We used Vica's picture in the flowers as our example case you don't remember it is.  Look how precious she is.

We showed the kids the picture frames and had Galina translate for us.  We told the kids that we would be taking their picture...and to make sure they smiled (ZAMBESTE!!!).  We wanted them to know that the picture was for the picture frame that they would make and keep.  This news stirred up quite a bit of excitement.  Vica carried her example frame around almost all day...she showed it to EVERYONE she came in contact with.  Many of these children simply do not have pictures of themselves.  The kids were SOOO funny as Heather was taking their pictures.  I will have to post them all later!  It was precious.  Catea immediately went and changed clothes and fixed her hair.  They were all so excited!  They all did a few serious poses...and then a few big smiles.  This was my first real introduction to the word Zambeste.  After we took the pictures, they were all ready to make the frames and we had to explain to them that we would print the pictures off that night and make the frames tomorrow.  Tomorrow or Mane-sounds like mewneh (sorta...the ew sound is kind of from your nose).  After we had finished taking pictures, we began our first craft for the day...personalized visors!  They REALLY enjoyed making these.  They were so proud to have something with their names on it!  Something that was personalized...They all worked on the visors for quite some are a few pics.
    I think we all enjoyed making the visors! 
We are soo  cool!

Because we couldn't really openly share our faith with the kids...we used crafts to do it.  We had cross stickers to use on the visors.  So we would just occasionally ask (through Galina).  Do you know what this is?  Do you know what it means?  Very vague questions.  But they would talk with us...and share what they knew about the cross and Jesus with us.  They already knew a lot about Him.  Thanks to relationships with the Girls at Stella's!  In your prayers today, pray that these sweet kids continue to grow in their knowledge of and relationship with Jesus.  Also, just say a prayer of thanksgiving that God is using Galina (go back and read her story if you haven't) in a big way to minister to these kids during summer camp! 

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